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Day 0 Travel Day

Class 50’s international seminar is finally underway! We are flying out of LAX and will get on a connecting flight in Amsterdam before landing in Berlin. The class is accompanied by Executive Vice-President Abby Taylor-Silva and Core Faculty Dr. Alex Alexandrou. Class 50 would like to thank the Board of Directors, Foundation staff, and donors for their unwavering leadership, support, and commitment to ensuring that Class 50 have the opportunity to travel internationally. Class is 50 is tremendously grateful and proud to represent the CA Ag Leadership Foundation as we visit Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

See you in 10 hours Amsterdam

We only had one hour after landing in Amsterdam before boarding began for our 1-hour flight to Berlin, so we quickly made our way through Customs, where we answered questions about our travels and submitted the required paperwork.

Guten tag Berlin 🇩🇪

We have arrived! Lass uns anfangen!!!

PF’s: Yezmin Carrasco-Valle & Julian D.Lopez

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