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Day 12- Coming Home

As our national trip has come to a close we reflect on the immense opportunity we have as members of CALP. The program’s legacy led us to meetings, tours, exposure to social issues and access to our state and federal governments that reached far beyond our expectations. There is so much on our minds as we return home to our families and work while processing the experiences we’ve had on this journey.

Our travels took us outside of our comfort zones while expanding our minds to the opportunities we have to affect the future of our industry. We were reminded often that joining the conversation is just as crucial as listening especially while engaging groups with differing views. Additionally, the importance of developing and maintaining trusting relationships was demonstrated over and over again.

“…no other human occupation opens so wide a field for the profitable and agreeable combination of labor with cultivated thought, as agriculture…”

Abraham Lincoln September 30, 1859 Excerpt from address to the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society

Thank you to the core faculty, staff and alumni partners who were involved in the orchestrating this trip. Your tireless efforts ensured this was a meaningful and educational journey for Class 50. We’d also like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our CALP alumni who have paved the path for us to follow and continue onwards.

Lastly, in the relevance of the current state of the COVID-19 outbreak our thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected. Feelings of nervousness and uncertainty surrounded us as we left our bubble of daily schedules and structure to re-renter our communities amidst the developing outbreak. This is a historic time in our world’s health and it is in critical times like this that leadership plays is significant role in supporting unity and humanity within our communities.

Please check back in November as we bring you the details of our travels in Africa.


CALF Class 50

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