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Day 7-Metropolitan AME and DC Adventures

A vital component of the Diamond Leadership Model of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation is spirituality. As a class, we attended the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Downtown, Washington, DC. We experienced a worship service that was filled with song and grounded in culture, a sermon expressed through passion and love, and a community built on trust rooted in the values of the African Methodist Episcopal religion. As a group, we felt the welcoming of smiles, along with a feeling of gratitude from the congregation. As individuals, we felt like family. We left this experience with our eyes open to spirituality and culture.

Class 50 at Metropolitan AME

After our church service, the class split up and ventured through the city. Among the top sites was the Arlington National Cemetery. A humbling and reflecting visit would be the best way to describe our time amongst our nation’s past service members. From the Eternal Flame to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we reflected on the history of our freedom, division of country through the civil war, and the history buried through the 11,000 acres that make up the frequented site.

Class 50 at Arlington National Cemetary

‪At 6:30‬, we loaded for a bus tour significant memorials/monuments for a nighttime experience. There is something to be said about the power of a memorial in the quiet of the night. We saw Lincoln sitting in his chair, surrounded by the impactful and history-changing words spoken during his presidency. Together we walked through the World War II memorial searching for the great pillar of California and resonated on the sacrifices made through such a devastating war. The monuments and memorials are a must-see when in DC for anyone that has never been here before.

Collectively we are excited to see this week unfold as we develop ourselves and continue to see the inner-workings of how our nation is managed.

Class 50 at the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Washington Monument
Class 50 at the White House

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