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Day 1-Sacramento

Class 50 began their national adventure this morning in the state capitol. Our first stop was the California Agricultural Council where we were greeted by Emily Rooney and Tricia Geringer who shared their strategies on working collaboratively on issues facing agriculture. From there, we visited the California Department of Food and Agriculture where Secretary Karen Ross discussed her leadership journey.

Class 50 with CDFA Secretary Karen Ross

Senator Wieckowski shared his leadership strategies in a hearing room. To round out our morning, we visited the Lieutenant Governors office where we visited with Dr. Matthew Dumlao and Evan Reed. Lieutenant Governor Elena Kounalakis surprised us by popping into our meeting. We then enjoyed lunch where Class 48 Alumni Lauren Hajik informed us of the legislative and lobbying cultures in Sacramento. Our afternoon allowed us to hear leadership messages from Senator Weiner, Assembly Member Aguilar-Curry, Assembly Member Irwin, Senator Caballero, Assembly Member Burke, and Assembly Member Flora.

Class 50 with Assembly Members Burke and Flora

We rounded out our evening at the Sutter Club for the CALF Agriculture and Government Leaders Reception. The resounding theme of the day was the art of listening. When people with opposing views can come together and listen, there is a creation of shared meaning resulting in more opportunity for collaboration. When we listen, we can learn from others and the more we learn, the more informed decisions we can make. In order to develop into the best versions of our selves, we must remember to listen. After all, there is a reason we were born with two ears and one mouth.

Class 50 members Jonathan Merrill and Mitch Coit inspecting the reception display
Leeann Bettencourt (Class 50), Alyssa Rolen (prospect), and Holly Little (Class 50) at the reception

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